I wrote this article a while ago for this beautiful women empowering platform ‘Fitgirls’ and I’d like to share it with you guys on my own blog as well now. I got familiar with (kick)boxing a few years ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s still my favorite way of working out! Today I’d like to share why I like boxing so much and what the benefits are for me and might as well be for you! 

In my opinion and knowing from my own experience; is that you always have to do what you love. Especially when it comes to sports; otherwise you won’t be able to commit to what you’re doing. My trainers gave this advice to me repeatedly. Sooo.. find something that interests you and own it! This way you’ll be able to keep the good work up and the chance your motivation stays consistent will be bigger.

Reduce your stress level and get new energy

If I had a bad day and decide to go for a workout at the end of the day, I always choose to go boxing. It’s the best way to clear my head and to reduce the stress level in my body. It may sound a bit crazy, but where others can find there ‘zen’ in a Yoga class, I get that feeling after a boxing workout. It gives me new energy to continue or end my day in a peaceful way.

Where others can find there ‘zen’ in a Yoga class, I get that feeling after a boxing workout

Self confidence and focus

Once you get beter at something, you’ll start to enjoy it more. When I get better at something I get kind of obsessed with it and I’ll finish every workout for 200 percent. It makes me feel good and gives a boost to my self confidence. In the beginning you’ll think things like: ‘Am I capable at doing this?!’ Of course you are! After every class you’ll know more combinations and after a while you’ll get faster and fitter. Time flies during a boxing workout if you ask me. Because you’re that focussed on give it your all while doing the the combinations.

Builds up overall fitness, speed and coordination

When I boxed on a regular base, I noticed I was top fit. Now I try to build it up slowly again. Back then I didn’t lose my breath easily, I had a great stamina and after every class I finished a great full body workout. When it comes to coordination, I have to admit, I’m not quickest learner #teamawkward. I laughed so hard about it with my friends and trainers. But just like I said before: If you keep practicing, you’ll get better at it. My eye-hand coordination is way better now and the foot work improved as well.

Full body workout 

Boxing is a full body workout, as I mentioned earlier. It’s strength training and cardio training all in one workout! So what’s not to love, right? At a time, boxing was the only kind of workout I did and it’s still so beneficial. The definition of my muscles in my arms, abs and legs are becoming more visible.

I’m curious if I got you guys up to for a boxing workout ;)!