When I was younger I dreamt of self built tree houses where I could hide from the world. To spy on everyone, without being noticed myself. I still think tree houses are cool and this one I’ll tell you about is kind of next level. There’s a farm between Tuscany and Rome that’s dated from the 18th century. It’s transformed to a combination of a farm and a hotel. You can find two tree houses here and of of them is the ‘ Black Cabin Treehouse’. From the outside it might look like a rustic little house, but once you step inside you forget that you just stepped into a treehouse. 

The Black Cabin isn’t just a treehouse; it’s about 87m2 big and the view is just stunning… You can look through a retro telescope and watch the beautiful sky and landscape with lots of olive tree fields. The interior of the treehouse is extravagant and designed by Claudia Pelizzari of the Archiglam studio in Brescia. Claudia wanted to create a glamourous and luxurious look by playing with contrast, natural materials like linnen and cotton from organic farmers.

The interior design items make the treehouse come alive and blends perfect with the environment. The perfect get away if you ask me. The Black Cabin Treehouse is one of the first treehouse hotels that combines luxury and high tech together.

(source: La Pinata)