I find it hard to sit still, especially if I’m obligated to do so. Like on a long ass flight. The first hours are doable, but at some point I really get the heebe geebees. I just need to move around, walk or just get some movement. My body gets stiff and puffy, my skin feels weird… sorry for the nagging but you get my point, I guess. So if you can totally relate to this, here are five Yoga exercises that might help you to loosen up during your flight. You can repeat every exercise about 10 times…

  1. Simple Neck Stretch

    A simple neck stretch can do a lot for your muscles. Sit straight and put your left hand next to you or put your leg on your hand while sitting. Put your right hand over the left side of your head. Do that for the opposite direction as well.

  2. Torso Twist

    We continue from the neck stretch to the torso twist. Sit straight again in your chair and twist your upper body to the left and the right. Grab the arm rest of the chair to get that extra stretch and hold it for about five seconds.

  3. Open Chest Stretch

    This is exercise is maybe an exercise that you’d automatically do when your body gets stiff when you sit for a long time. It’s an beneficial exercise for your back, shoulders and chest. Sit a little more at the front your chair and ground both feet. Suck up your stomach a little and push your chest out front and your shoulders back. Bent your back again afterwards, keep repeating these movements.

  4. Warrior pose – Chair

    Again, sit straight before doing this exercise. Make your body long and stretch out your left arm over your head to the right side. Repeat this exercise in both directions. Be careful with the persons sitting next to you in the airplane, no poking eyes during this one.

  5. Pigeon Pose – Chair

    Because you don’t have a lot of space on the airplane, this exercise is also adjusted to the environment. As women we cross our legs while sitting very often, which in general isn’t a really healthy position to sit in, because the lack of blood circulation. You start the exercise right by putting both feed on the ground properly and after that you put your right foot on your left leg. For a deeper stretch you push your right knee downwards. Do the same in the opposite direction.

    Feeling better already? πŸ™‚

Comfy travels!