As I’m leaving for Porto this week, I always have to check my travel list(s). On this Travel Tuesday I’d like to share this 10 useful tips before you leave for travels. You might have these practical things in your system already, but you’ll maybe didn’t think of some of it yet.


1.  We kick of with a budget tip; If you love to travel you know you have to save all the money you can. Going out for dinner on a weekly base or buying shoes every month. If you reduce that and put some money aside, you’re able to save some money and leave sooner. First things first, you’ll thank yourself later.

Validity travel documents

2. Check until when you’re travel documents are valid. If you travel within Europe, your passport or identity card needs to be at least valid for two months after you arrive back in your country of residence. If you travel out of Europe, your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after arriving back in your country of residence. If you’re travel document doesn’t meet the requirements, you have to arrange this as soon as possible. Other wise it will costs you lots of money or even your trip.

Neem niet teveel spullen mee

3. Don’t bring to much stuff with you (I know it’s hard for us women). Put outfits together an pack practically. Leave your ‘Oh, I might need this and this in that case’ excuses at home. One third of the things you pack, you don’t or hardly even use while traveling. Here’s a link to a video which shows how you can pack like pro: Pack Like a Pro

Online inchecken


Airline rules and requirements

5. Make sure you know the rules and requirements of the airline that you fly with. In this case luggage requirements are very important as well, if your suit case is too heavy or too big, the chance that you have to pay additional fees is big.

Bank affairs

6. With several banks in The Netherlands, your bank card is set up to European settings. If you travel out of Europe you need to change to setting to this. It’s a pity if you arrive to your destination and you’ll bump into unpleasant situations because you’re not able to pay with your card. It’s always good to also bring some money in cash or to bring your credit card.


7. If you travel to several countries from Europe, you need a VISA to have access to the country. It can take some time to receive a VISA after you request it, so be on time to find out if you need one and if you do request it as soon as possible.



8. If we travel a little further from home, vaccinations are important to get. Getting sick while you’re far away from home… nah we don’t want that. Same goes up here, find out if you need certain vaccinations for the country you traveling to. You even need to get some vaccinations a certain period before you arrive at your travel destination.


9. Download the mobile application Foursquare. This is my all time favorite application to use before I go traveling and during my trip. You can find several things to do and places to eat at the place you’re traveling to. It’s a nice way to get to know all sorts of places! A very useful feature is that you can see the price range of the restaurants and reviews by people who’ve already been there. You can adjust everything to the kind of trip you’re doing.

Offline map

10. Download an application which offers the possibility to use the maps offline. It comes in handy when you don’t know that country or city you’re in that well. The app Here WeGo is user friendly when it comes to offline maps. It has a clear lay out and broad. With Google maps you can download maps if you have wi-fi for example and use it at another time as well.

Do you also have some tips that you’d like to share? Please, do so in the comments!