Chrystal. A real interior junkie, just like myself. Chrystal is founder of interior blog and has shares this guest article about styling your home with a small budget. When you move into your very first apartment, you’d probably have some saved money but not the luxury budget to buy anything you like.

You can give character to your house by styling it in your own unique way. With items that say something about your own personality with accessories you got as present, with books that changed your life or just practical stuff. But what if you have to keep it to a budget? A lot of stylish products are quite expensive, but with these tips I’ll help you to create a home you love.

Knock offs

Let’s be honest; an Eames chair is great and it will always be great. Only the price of this designer won’t benefit your further interior hunt (read: wallet). But there are lots of interior shops that offer beautiful knock offs of this design chair. The difference isn’t that big, only interior connoisseurs will notice the difference.


In this case I’m not talking about money, even though money always comes in handy. But collecting the furniture and accessories that you’d like to have. Don’t buy the whole wishlist at once, but one by one. Keep adding pieces to your home and after a while it’ll be complete. Start buying that one chair that you love and when you were able to buy that one, you can get somehting else.

Second hand stores and online market places

You can find lots of treasures in second hand stores and online market places for interior items and mostly for soft prices. I bought two white couches two years ago, for which I would pay a lot of money in an interior store. When you hunt down the second hand stores and the online market places, you’ll find a lot of unique items or items that aren’t available in stores anymore. I would really recommend you to take a look!

Family, friends and acquaintances

There’s always somebody around you that wants te get rid of some stuff. When I moved into my apartment two years ago, I just told everybody, because I was that happy. Well the advantage of telling everyone was that they offered me lots of things for my house for free. This way they help you to collect things for your house and you help them getting rid of some stuff. It saves you time and lots of money.

Budget stores

We all know Ikea, but there are lots of other budget stores here in The Netherlands. You can find me a lot at Jysk, Kwantum, Leen Bakker and Hema.


With interior hacks you’re able to give your standard furniture an new unique touch. A populair website that shares these kind of hacks is ‘IKEA Hackers’. You can also Google ‘Furniture Hacks’ to find great ideas.


You can also make unique products yourself. If you’re handy, why not? You can do this with cheaper products and give them your own unique look. If you look on Pinterest for example, you can find lots of inspiration to create things yourself.

Low maintenance plants

Styling your home with plants can do a lot for your home. It brings your home to live, literally. If you have tight budget it’s a good choice to choose plants that are low in maintenance. One of my favorites is the Areca Palm.