A friend of mine recently got back from the island Bali in Indonesia after she went there for a little business trip. She’s a wedding and even planner. I was a little jealous that I couldn’t join her to the beloved Bali sitting on a beach with a coconut in my hand, but she promised me to keep me up to date. She visited Villa Atas Ombank Biru which opens it doors very soon. A beautiful location at the beach in Seminyak and the perfect location for wedding and great other occasions.

I might not have to tell you that Bali is a piece of heaven on earth… Villa Atas Ombak Biru is a piece of confirmation of it. Even though this private venue has quite a price tag, it is worth all of your money. Seminyak is on of the hottest places in Bali; it has a lot of populair clubs, cafes and restaurants. Villa Atas Ombak Biru is about 5-10 minutes away from the city center but still enough distance to enjoy some of silence.

The design of the villa is a design I absolutely love; abstract, clean and in my opinion timeless. It has a lot of glass windows and the venue comes to its full potential because of it. Villa Atas Ombak Biru is enough reason already to get married….